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Talking fashion & beauty with... Shiva Safai

October 23

You might know her for her Instagram page, the fact that she’s on a new show on E! – or the fact that she’s engaged to Mohammed Hadid (father of Gigi and Bella). The beautiful Shiva was recently in Dubai for the launch of the family’s brand, Hadid Eyewear (which is available at Harvey Nichols Dubai). During her stay, I sat down to Shiva to talk about the brand, her beauty secrets and how she always look fab.

How does it feel to be in Dubai?
It feels wonderful, I love the City, it’s full of energy – the people are so hospitable and the weather is nice, a little hot but I like it. it’s been fun so far

Can you talk me through the Hadid Eyewear collection?
sure, there are seven styles and each style has three different variation of shades and it’s pretty much inspired by everyone in the family with all their unique sense of style. We have the unisex line, we have the more classic cat eye then we have formed our version of the aviator then of course we have Mohamad’s classic spin, his favorite glasses that he calls the CAPTAIN.

Very cute..and you designed one?
Yes I designed the jet setter

What inspires you?
When I think of any sort of fashion item I really like that classic timeless look – that’s what I kind of wanted to go with. I wanted a nice pair of frames that are very timeless and can go with anything -I could dress it up you could dress it down, you can go to a baby shower and still be able to wear it and look fabulous.

You always look so great, what are five of your must have beauty products?
I don’t leave the house without putting sun block on. That’s a must everyday no matter how the weather is and lip balm is definitely also an essential. I take care of my skin and brows.

Are there any specific products that you use?
I love the Anastasia brow pencil. it’s always in a bag with my Tom Ford bronzer.

Your hair always looks so perfect and I love how you love to experiment. How do you take care of that when you’re not styling it?
I like to just air dry it, and leave it alone when I’m not styling it. I also hydrate it by using mask treatments.

How do you keep fit?
My brothers have a fabulous gym in LA where I try to go to as much as I can, but sometimes with my busy schedule, it’s very difficult to fit exercise in, but I believe that everything should be in moderation so I love food but if I crave a cheese cake I will just have a bite. When I’m in LA, I try to work out 3-4 times a week.

Lastly, what are your favorite spots in Dubai?
I absolutely love the beach.  I actually had a little bit a time of yesterday and I spent it here by the beach – the weather is amazing, the water is fantastic and the sand is white. The last time I came, I visited the White Mosque which I thought was one of the most beautiful mosques I’ve ever seen and it was so peaceful. One thing I haven’t done which I really want to do next time is a desert safari. For nights out, I love La Petite Maison and Cipriani. We actually went to a restaurant a couple nights ago called Maine, which I loved – I will definitely go back their again.


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