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My Farfetch Summer Style Guide

June 20

I was recently featured on editorial style guide. Personally, I love the concept of Farfetch because you have access to boutiques around the world through one website – giving you a wide edit and selection.

I’m wearing the ; wedges are some of my favorite summer shoes of choice because of the fact they never look under or overdressed – and can still be worn throughout the year to work and play. I love them because they’re luxurious, versatile and actually very comfortable. I usually go for nudes or blacks but love the beige and red combination of this piece. It makes it a very easy piece to wear throughout the summer. They would work during the daytime with a little white dress all the way to a bohemian blouse and denim cut offs.

This look specifically, I wore to the Dubai Opera to watch the Mary Poppins broadway. I loved the fact that I could wear comfortable shoes for a night out as well without looking dressed down. During the summer, and this summer specifically – I’m all about comfort and easy pieces that I can layer and style – as well as investing into staple pieces. I’m splitting my summer between Greece (where those wedges will work perfectly on the go), followed by visiting family in Montreal and then ending with a wedding in Monaco.

This year has been all about enjoying the high street but still investing into things I wear regularly that might be very simple, but will just last you a long time – like a day bag, wedges, a denim jacket to chic sandal flats.


Wedges from

Dress from

  • Elegant Duchess

    It’s a very nice summery outfit and i definitely looks very comfortable.

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  • Olivia

    Love that dress!


  • MenStyle1

    Hey! nice outfit

  • Xenia Curdova

    Love this Castaner wedges, I like that they are so casual and effortlessly chic!

  • Nenemedia



    Great post Tala ! 😀 i written about same topic but for men

    i like your look, really fashionable ! 😉

  • Anthony

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    Or, the way you make it look fashionable and stylish is all unique and special.
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  • Reilly

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  • Priyanka Bedi

    Loving the dress.. It’s looking really pretty!!
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  • nash

    love your page, you’ve got beautiful stuff on here. Keep up the good work.

  • mirja chowdhury

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  • Beatrice

    Love the story! Beatrice x

  • Anna Grace Waller

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  • Mari Dolidze

    Great Outfit Idea
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  • Azeem Siddiqui

    Great Outfit Idea
    Really Inspirined by your blogs

  • Chloe Messier

    Love your style! One of our scarves would look great on you, and it’s the perfect accessory for spring and summer.