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Tried & Tested: SPRAY TANNING in Dubai

April 26

I get spray tans every now and then. It’s one of those I always feel like they’re a hassle to get but once I get a good one, I get addicted. I scoured the city for spray tans… here’s my round up of a few:


For… Dubai’s best and a Sunkissed tan.

What & Where: Spray tan at Pastels Salon, Al Wasl Road (Jumeirah branch)

Brand: Vita Liberata and Xen Tan (they are both great, the only difference was Vita’s pigments were darker but Xen Tan was less sticky)

Recommended therapist: Elvie (a tan artist, literally… love watching her apply it!)

Did it streak/smudge? No

Colors: I went for the dark option, they also had medium.

Scent: It just had a strong self tan scent for the first day, but it soon started to disappear after the first day.


-The tan is non toxic & Organic.

-Best to do on a free evening as you can’t shower for 8-12 hours

-They give you disposable underwear’s.

-Elvie (the therapist) dries you up with a fan and hot dryer. Wish more salons did that!

Lasted: It started fading after 5 days, but then again I shower every day.

Cost: AED180

Contact details: 

Stars: 10/10


For a… Dark tan.

What & Where: Dollhouse Salon at Dubai Ladies Club – Mona Kattan’s brainchild.

Brand:  That’so

Recommended therapist: Dulce

Did it streak/smudge? Yes, I had streaks and some patches of uneven colour.

Colors: They have one shade, but you can go for several coats depending on the colour you want. I went for two coats.

Scent: It smelt good getting it done, but smelt the typical spray tan scent the next morning.


-You need to shower after 4-6 hours which I liked because I didn’t have to sleep uncomfortably for the first night.

-They didn’t have disposable underwear’s, which was slightly irritating getting spray tan on my own.

-Super, super slow but I was very happy with the colour so it was worth it.

Lasted: 2 weeks

Cost: AED250

Contact details:

Stars: 6/10


For a… Non-fuss perfect glow

What & Where: Blo Out beauty bar, Tecom

Brand: Xen Tan

Recommended therapist: Jay

Did it streak/smudge? Not really, but slightly on the fingers & toes due to the Vaseline applied.

Colors: They had one shade but the therapist made me check my colour after each coat to judge whether I want to stay that colour or go darker.

Scent: Typical spray tan scent but I used the Xen Tan scent secure to help with that


-You can shower 6-8 hours after

-Xen Tan is an organic tanning brand

-I was given a disposable underwear & hair cap

-I stood in front of a fan for 10 minutes post tan before getting dressed and heading out.

Lasted: 7-9 days

Cost: AED150

Contact details: 

Stars: 9.5/10



For a… No-mess St Tropez tan

What & Where: Sisters Beauty Lounge, Dubai Mall (but they have branches across Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Brand: St Tropez

Recommended therapist:  Mercy

Did it streak/smudge? No

Colors: They have two shades, I went with the lighter one

Scent: Subtle scent right after the tan


-They had feet stickers, genius! I didn’t have to get vaseline on my soles nor did I get orange feet.

-I was given a shower cap and disposable underwear.

Lasted: 5-7 days

Cost: AED175

Contact details: 

Stars: 9/10


  • Liz Hawthorne

    Oh wow! I didn’t realise spray tans were so popular out in Dubai, I must try and get some of our sunless tanning solution into the hands of these salons. Interestingly Unreal produces a light product for really fair skins – great for Scottish or Irish ex pats, Medium for a really healthy looking bronze colour, Medium/Dark for those who want to rack the depth up just a little bit more, and Dark for olive and darker skin tones. We’ve built up quite a celebrity following in the UK and Europe.

    Thanks for a great write up.


  • Tanya

    One very important tip to note before spray tanning is to exfoliate your skin. This is very very very important if you want the spray tan to stick and look as natural as possible.

  • Phil

    Any location available for gents?