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My Obsession: Flybarre.

January 13
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If you didn’t realize from my countless tweets & posts, Flybarre is my latest obsession. I was recently appointed as the Dubai ambassador for Flywheel & Flybarre, which is super exciting as I am an addict. Flywheel launched in Dubai a few months ago – for more on flywheel, check this out. 

New York is one of my favorite cities, and whenever I’m in town, I make sure to book in for as many fitness classes as I can, and most of them are usually Barre classes so I was ecstatic when I heard Flybarre was opening in Dubai. If you’ve never heard of Barre before – it’s a fun (but a killer) sculpting workout -ballet inspired, where you pulse throughout the whole session. You end up working those tiny muscles that tighten everything up, to exhaustion, followed by stretching them out to avoid bulking up. The workout is great at lengthening muscles and strengthening the core. Flywheel and Flybarre are all about the music, so the music is just as good as flywheel! Jessica Biel & Sofia Vergara are just a few names that love Flybarre.

If you live in Dubai, look out for my exciting ‘Myfashbarre’ session where I will be inviting myfashdiary readers to join me for a fun session, limited spaces so stay tuned!

Check out the for classes and packages.

  • Mais

    please ask them to consider opening a branch in Abu Dhabi 😀

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  • melina

    how does flybarre compare to xtend barre at real-pilates?

    • Tala Samman

      Flybarre is definitely more challenging, and the music is amazing at Flybarre whereas Real Pilates’ music is more of a backgrounder.
      I’d do Flybarre for barre, and go to real pilates for Cardio reformer and weightloss pilates x
      If you like spinning, love Flywheel!

  • yassi

    wow it sounds greart.Where should i reserve a seat,do i have to register myself in flywheel?
    and how much will be the fee?

    • Tala Samman

      all the details are on the site I linked to.