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My Nike Challenge. Part one.

November 8
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I love Challenges. I also feel like challenging yourself on a daily basis is healthy… and keeps everything exciting. Last month, I was approached by Nike to take part in their Nike+ run campaign. The camp was all about persuading people in the UAE to start running and keep fit. I definitely did not take long to get back to them with a YES. I am a huge fan of Nike, I used to run in High school and wish I still did it more, and lastly – I love challenges.

As part of the campaign, Nike have been organizing run clubs around the UAE, and have a 10k run this November. As part of the challenge, I have been training with Nike ambassador, Tom for the run. Due to our busy schedules, I haven’t been able to run as much as I would have liked to but still managing to fit it within my schedule. We started off with running 3.5K with 3 intervals followed by strength work then moved to the week after by running 4K and longer intervals.

The great thing about running is the fact that everyone can do it – you just need to challenge yourself with every run. 🙂

Check out some pictures of myself & Tom training – oh, and check out those neon sneakers that I just got from Nike… love me some neon.

To get race-ready, runners can join the Nike+ Run Club which offers free training sessions with coaching tips, competitive challenges, and advice on everything runners need to get them to race day.

Nike+ Run Club schedule:

Every Tuesday 18:45 at SAFA PARK

Every Saturday 7:45 @ MAKE/JBR.

Every Friday 7:45 @ Downtown area


For more information on We Run Dubai and Nike+ Run Club visit  and .

Follow my journey…

  • yoga west london

    Big fan of the neon footwear. Remember getting a long sleeve vest doing the Nike Run London Night Run a few years ago!

  • haya

    That’s amazing!
    Bring Nike running club to Bahrain please!

  • Marianna Boguslavsky

    Not a huge fan of neon but those Neon Nikes are really cool.

  • S

    Awesome Tala! What a great opportunity you got there!
    The pictures are really great!

  • Zina

    LOVE how stylish you look when your out for a run

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