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COMPETITION: Penelope Chilvers!

October 7

News & Competition in one! One of my favorite shoe brands, Penelope Chilvers (Kate Middleton et al are fans!) are launching at Harvey Nichols, Dubai! In honor of their first season with Harvey Nichols Dubai, I have teamed up with the brand to give away the gorgeous bespoke Skull Embroidery shown above! you can also join their mailing list on 

What YOU have to do:

-Like Penelope Chilvers on FB

-Like Myfashdiary on FB

-Comment below confirming this


Good luck!

  • Rani

    Want this shoes sooooo bad!!!!!

  • Edem

    Done! that shoe is hot!!

  • AbSa

    is it open to gulf residents or dubai only

  • Nis

    I’m confirming that I’ve liked u both in fb….need this shoes in my life!

  • Lauren

    Ah – these are so cute! I am already a fan of Marktgasse on Facebook but I have liked Penelope Chilvers as well now 🙂

  • Joanna

    Super cute! Love love love!

  • amena

    Doooooooone ! I hope its mine

  • amena

    Dooone! I hope its mine 😀

  • Pinky

    omg i lovee thiss colorr! cant wait for the results :d

  • Amena


    I hope its mine 😀

  • Sarah Khan

    Done! 🙂

  • mary young

    done… wow.. love the shoes… wantttttt it badddddd love it ….. must have muwaaah

  • amrita chachara

    Done both 🙂

  • Fransien


  • Lina

    Love the color!!

  • Deemz

    Done! (i actually had to unlike and like your page again to win) lol

    I wish i’d win!!! i never won anything my whole life and I LOVE this shoes and your BLOG!! xx

  • Mrs. Andree Attieh

    I have liked both Myfashdiary and Penelope Chilvers pages on Facebook. The bespoke Skull Embroidery shoes are simply gorgeous and my feet are dying to get into them. Thanks a million Tala for being so generous to us fans, you are really so sweet ! Best wishes to you for the future. Lots of love, Andree

  • Francesca

    Done! Wow, those shoes are stunning, thanks fr this giveaway 🙂

  • Nadia El Adrou

    Done!! the design and color are perfect, seems comfortable too!! must try!!!

  • Chrisa

    Done both!!

  • Fatma


  • MEmneina

    Done both. This is an awesome giveaway. x

  • T

    Done and done fingers crossed for beautiful shoes

  • attia

    Done n finger crossed. love the shoes

  • Rasha Makkawi

    Done liking Penelope Chilvers on FB, and am already a dedicated FashDiary fan 😉

  • Sarah

    DONE! <3

  • http:// Ghizlane Harti

    Hope to win this competition

  • Suad

    Skulls and burgundy are my two favorites. I usually don’t participate in blogs/ competitions, this time I did.

  • Shaima

    cuteness!! BIG like for both 🙂 xx

  • Tala


  • Dana

    loving it.. hope to win 🙂

  • Shirley Giles

    Lovely giveaway, liked both, xx

  • caroline mccabe

    liked both pages – would love to win!

  • Margaret Dunlop

    All liked..fab shoes

  • Alexis Pettie

    Liked both pages and lovin everything

  • Estefania

    I want them!!!!! So badly! Penelope Chilver’s is one of my favourite brands!!! Please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • lika

    fingers crossed for this awesome shoes 🙂

  • Zoe

    I promise to rock the socks off these if I win them!

  • Charlotte Bee

    Liked both on Facebook! Love those shoes!

  • Cathy Rodrigues

    confirming both the steps done 🙂

  • Duaa

    done xxxxx

  • Liesbeth (candyandtreats)

    Cool! And in my favorite color for fall, perfect 😀

    FB = double check so I’m in.


  • Meenakshi singh

    wish to be lucky..

  • Zina

    you’d make my YEAR if i win.

  • LadyB

    Done !


    These are beautiful! Done both things. Fingers crossed!!!!!

  • Susan Nunn

    “Likes” both done. Have adored these shoes from the first preview, months ago, they are truly gorgeous!

  • rania

    DONE!! now give me those velvet shoes, baby!!!

  • Jill

    Love them !!

  • Sharon

    Done !! xx

  • Roxanne Mukhi

    done! x

  • charley

    DONE 😀

  • Salma

    These shoes are TDF <3

  • klaudia

    Done xxx

  • Styleezta (@styleezta)

    I liked both 🙂

  • Sara K.

    confirmiiiing! 🙂

  • Mariam

    done 🙂

  • Firuza Abdullayeva

    I dont know if its open to international participants but i thought i d give it a try. I want these for my sister, she’d love them!

  • Dominique


  • Nehan S


  • Annah

    Love these!

  • Annah

    LOVE LOVE LOVE, need these!

  • Annah

    I adore these, so amazing

  • Myriam

    Liked both pages !
    I need these in my life ,Tala.
    Love your blog x

  • Nouf

    Liked 🙂
    I’ve seen Alexa Chung wearing them!!

  • Denise

    Love your blog for a while now! And lovin’ the skull slippers as well!!

  • Alexandra

    Done! My dream shoe!

  • Fatema Husain

    Done 😀
    love your blog <3

  • Imy

    Liked both pages!

  • Naythar


  • Tati


    I need these shoessss!! 😉

  • Dana Sa

    Doneeee <3

  • Abby Richardson

    Wish me luck!! LOVE these shoes…

  • sarah

    I love these shoes they’re mighty fine,
    please, please say they’ll be mine?
    I’ll read your lovely words all day long,
    Whilst my slipper’d feet dance along!


  • Linnie

    DONE! 😀

  • Aleena Khan

    Liked both pages! 🙂

  • MC Chau

    Liked both under MC Chau!

  • Tabitha Willett

    Done! Keeping everything crossed! x

  • Lauren

    Liked xx

  • Signe Lützen

    Very beautiful shoes! Liked the pages <3

  • Preet

    Done!! In love with these shoes! Need them in my life!

  • Kinda kamel

    Woow, love this brand!

  • dorsa


  • Abigail

    oOOoo absolutely LOVE these!

  • http://None Miran

    Love those shoes !!!!

  • Sheher

    Done 😀 They’re the perfect color for Fall <3

  • Saarah

    Liked both (myfashdiary from eons ago!) and I think I’m in love with these shoes, absolutely in lovee!

  • lilou

    confiiiiiiiiiiiiirming that !!!!!!!

    i love really this shoes, ohhhh Tala give me the chance to wear this amazing shoes !!!

    PS : i’m french blogger so don’t give attention about my fault in english thks u

    XO XO

  • Akshata

    Done xx

  • https://.com/Tan_taz Tanisha

    done & done! love the shoes and adore Penelope Chilvers! Here’s hoping I win them =D

  • Rhian Jamieson

    All done.

    Fingers crossed.


  • Kamu Pagarani


  • Dana al suhaili

    Done! Love the shoes! 😀

  • Jawayria

    Love the Penelope Chilvers skull embroidered loafers/moccasins/slippers! All done and hope i’d come across this competition earlier 🙂

  • Charlene

    Liked and Liked! I adoreeeee their shoes!

  • Myriam

    Done! love them!! 🙂

  • Asmae Mahfoud

    I did all the above, I hope to win, I never win enything and this pair of shoes are to die for I LOVED them

  • sameena


  • Mona

    ahh LOVE !!! Done all steps

  • Mais


  • Yasmine

    This is so pretty and classy ! love it xox

    • Meenakshi singh

      like it

  • Dana Hassan

    loving them.. hope to win :*

  • Tracy dyson

    Completed, and hope I’ve got lucky shoes!

  • Yasmeen

    Penelope Chilvers is one of my favorite shoe brands. I love their designs, colors and also their material..
    they’re so comfy when you wear them. i just hope i win this lovely pair from Penelope Chilvers.

    *fingers crossed*

  • Varsha

    Done 🙂 Hoping for the best!

  • shatha nezha

    hope to win

  • Reem

    Done x

  • Linh

    i looooove these shoes <3

  • Lydia Macpherson

    Fingers crossed, toes dying to slip into those beauties.

  • Greta.

    Oh my God! Oh my God! Done!

  • Katja & Marie

    Wow, they are so awesome!
    We liked both of you on Facebook. 🙂

  • Nicole Pauig

    DONE liking both! 😀

    Maroon and Gold.. just beautiful! Hope to win!

  • Noor K

    Done both x

  • Riann

    Love these shoes….so glad to find your blog!

  • Eman Hamaideh

    Done!! love those shoes !!

  • sara k

    when will you pick the winner?

  • Fatima Saifuddin

    Done 🙂

  • siba

    love it

  • Sara K.


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