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UPDATED WINNER;; COMPETITION: Filofax for the Olympics!

July 8

Congrats to JULIE KENNY – you will be emailed


I’m a huge fan of Filofax diaries and use it as my blog diary (I’m also a huge stationery FREAK.) This week, I have teamed up with Filofax to give a lovely limited edition diary for the Olympics. I would love a new Filofax for any reason but one for the Olympics makes the perfect memory 🙂

To enter,


2) Tell me how you stay organized in the comment box below!

Good luck 🙂

  • Lorna B.

    I have everything organized through excel this year but I used to have everything scheduled in diaries. Every Christmas I got one but unfortunately I didn’t receive any last year LOL!

  • Meghna

    WANT WANT! More like need!:P
    I write everything down on my BB – memo pad whether it’s things to get from the grocery or my to-do list!

  • JB

    By using my Moleskin planner!

  • Pinky

    My usual way is to setup reminders on my phone for 2hours prior and then again for 15mins prior but I would love to use filofax as I have experienced problems with my phone not notifying me at times. Thank you for the lovely giveaway darling

  • Julie Kenny

    Thanks for the giveaway – I’m a bit of an organisation freak ….well I try to be anyway. My new thing is to set the alarm on my iPhone to remind me about things – I still forget things though – like where I have actually put my phone! I doubt I would loose the lovely pink Olympic filofax xx

  • Naythar

    I keep numerous lists in my blackberry

  • Salma

    Ahhh, the filofax looks so nice!

    I keep organised by writing notes in my blackberry and writing important events in a small diary!

  • Sara K.

    by both my agenda and calenders ! to do lists are always there 🙂

  • Niloue

    The only way i stay organized is by having a to do list first thing in the morning. Also my BB is a trusty sidekick that reminds me of tasks i may have forgotten 🙂

  • Sophia

    I use my iPhone to keep me on track but, with two kids and going into my final year at uni this september, I just might need to step it up a notch to keep up to speed. And what a pretty way to stay organised. xxx

  • Rita Lobo

    I use my phone and my best friend :p Birthdays, exames…

    That´s why I need this!

  • melody

    i generally keep reminders on my phone be it bdays,appointments with an alarm reminder just one hour before the appointment.I also keep a diary in which i write my daily schedules with an add on of colour post its:)

  • bara’

    notebook with a list to do , folders are named one for the future projects,one for current projects.

    I keep all of my appointments listed on my phone with an alarm. and thanks to my calender that is hanged on the wall well it pretty much has every thing pointed for the day 🙂

  • Jenna

    I use my iPhone, and set alarms, the problem is my phone is constantly blowing up from all the reminders, and can be distracting and annoying… I need this Filo 😉

  • Reem

    I use a white board at home to list down the things which have to be done in the week. I also have notebooks and diaries which I use to fill in dates and add reminders which I also add onto my phone so that I can make sure I will be where I need to be or to what I need to do at the right time x

  • Nehan

    I love the “Productive Muslim Taskinator”. There’s a Daily taskinator as well as Weekly. Its divided into 4 areas and the idea is that you fill in 3 to 4 tasks in each:
    1) Islam
    2) Family
    3) Work
    4) Personal

    Its a superb way to make sure I’m focused on all areas of my life!

  • Hafsa

    To stay organised, I’ll just tell Siri to keep me up to date with my plans. If I’ve got a facial, meeting, lunch or simply need to buy a present for someone, my beloved Siri’s on hand!

  • MC Chau

    I liked your page on under MC Chau. I stay organized the old fashioned way with a notebook and to-do lists. Filofax would definitely be a step up!

  • Zoya

    I write plan for each day, week and even year at my little organizer or notebook and do some reminders at phone)

  • Nakiyah

    I stay organized by making to do lists….and I feel accomplished when I get to check things off the list. 🙂

  • Delaney

    Oooh! I would love this. To stay organized, I am using a Planner Pad planner, but would love to transition to Filo.

  • Attia

    I use my iphone to keep the track.

  • payal

    Omg tht is beautiful…..I usually keep a jotter….regularly updated…as and when I run out of stuff…. watever else I need to buy….and as its not a very big 1….slips easily into my bag…and serves as a reminder wherever I am…. in d world of super technology….it seves d purpose of handwriting pratice….!!!

  • http://deleted Emma Ack

    my apps

  • http://deleted hillary

    the traditional way

  • http://deleted Bobby Lynn

    hand notes :$

  • http://deleted Adriana

    my bad memory lol

  • Annette

    Old fashioned calender on the wall – this would be fab as it is in my favourite colour!

  • http://deleted Mandy

    agenda writing

  • http://deleted Cynthia

    regular alarms

  • http://deleted Amanda Lee

    I need this in my life!

  • http://deleted Jillian

    do they have this in other colours?

  • http://deleted Layla

    calandar on my wall

  • http://deleted Fatin

    to do notes

  • http://deleted Fashion-Gurl

    I write them down

  • Ginette Thorne

    I need to keep on top of things in my life and the easiest way to do that is to have everything written down in one place. If that place is stylish and fun even better

  • http://deleted Dina

    i looove this

  • http://deleted Aaliya

    love the colorblocks

  • http://deleted Becky

    I need this

  • http://deleted Lisa


  • http://deleted Chantelle

    my diary is cr*p, need a new one

  • http://deleted Olivia

    calendar on my way 🙂

  • Delia

    It’s my ultimate quest to become more organized and productive and as a busy working mum it is an absolute essential!!! I use excel sheet for expenses, google calendar to remember dates and appointments and of course, the classic notepad and a pen for daily to do lists …I would love to win this gorgeous filofax so that I can keep all my info in a central spot right from the calendar, to do list, project list, watch-list,important addresses and phone numbers!!!

  • JJ

    I make to do lists and keep have my organizer on hand wherever I go. I would love love LOVE to have this Filofax 🙂

  • Sejal Trivedy

    I write reminder notes on post it’s 🙂

  • Christina D

    I use a calendar & sometimes I’ll use my whiteboard or use the notepad on the android.

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