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My Tart-Making Experience.

June 10
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You must have seen my tweets on baking tarts last week… well, Last week I was invited to ‘Bake with Maria’. Maria teaches classes on how to make everything from bread, to pastries to pretzels and tarts. I joined in on the ‘Tasty Tarts’ class, which was a 3 hour evening class from 6-9pm based around Swiss cottage/St Johns wood area in London.

Let me say… I am not a baker – would love to be, but I am not so I didn’t really know what to expect. Not only is Maria’s kitchen so beautiful and cosy, her classes are quite small which is a lot more intimate, hands on and you actually get to learn. I will definitely have to attend other classes by Maria (the Pretzel one looks like so much fun!)

On to my class, me and Tamara were joined with three other students – we all had our own chair and space on the large baking table. We learnt how to make everything from the dough to the crust to the fillings as well as the presentation of the tarts. The class was a ton of fun (Maria is a great sport!) and we also got to treat ourselves to croissants from the previous class 🙂

We made Pecan caramel tarts, Lemon tarts and berries with custard tarts – They looked fab. We all got to leave with our tarts after a great evening of fun, learning and some delicious tarts.

Thank you Maria!!

  • df

    It looks delicious

  • Lisa

    That looks like so much fun! I want to do this too now 😀

  • Iñaki

    Hello? When are you hosting tea at yours?

    I x

  • MEmneina

    That looks so fun! I’m dying to take a pasta making class. I think I just need to do it!

  • hadeel

    yeah i saw some of the pictures on Instegram 🙂 seems you had so much fun in backing and the results looks so yum yum

  • Fashion Follows Her

    Yum these look so very delicous!! I love baking- so satisfying…..x

  • Zina

    looks fun and deliiiiiiicious.

  • Julie Nguyen

    Can you share the recipe, Tala?

    – Julie Nguyen

  • Rima khan

    Yummmy, you are so amazing , you should come on TV too, so amazing post, loved it.

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