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Look of the day

May 10
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. Mens shirt. Celine Boston tote

Location: Cinema – London, UK

  • hadeel

    ohhh you look cute with the glasses on, love ur nerdy look

  • Nehan

    loving the glasses

  • Florine Marioli


  • Tanja Ayesha

    love the whole look – so cute and effortless:)

  • Gie Nam

    I love it! You look gorgeous!

  • Just Another Shopaholic

    Your look is so classic and beautiful.

  • Esha A

    You look adorable with those glasses on! Love this laid back look, and I miss your Celine tote haha! xx

  • Noor

    I looveeee everything about this picture! Beautiful x

  • Tanya

    I love this look! What brand of men’s shirts do you get? I’m looking for one just like it…thanks 🙂

  • doba

    awwww so cute and asian looking!

  • MEmneina

    GEEK CHIC!!! I look hideous in glasses….I wish I could wear them!

  • Zina

    loove this look. beautiful jeans

  • Lora

    LOVE the look !
    it’s different, very pretty for causal day out \ weekends 🙂
    it looks GORG. Effortless !!!!!

  • Ferwa

    Cute look!!

  • saajida

    Hi,love the look,im after a good quality white shirt,where would you recomend?