COMPETITION: Nina Jarebrink!

April 23


This week, I’m giving away a lovely dress from one of my favorite scandinavian brands, Nina Jarebrink in a bronze shade! To enter…

comment in the box below:

Why is a Kaftan essential in your Summer wardrobe?

Good luck!


  • Nadia

    Kaftan’s are perfect for the summers because of the hot weather, they’re comfortable and light and yet look so stylish

  • amena

    I love kaftans they are very comfy and wearable during daytime & evenings. U can keep its simple for daytimes and belted worn with huge accessories for evenings. That’s y thery very important especially that Ramdan is coming !

  • Dana AN

    Kaftans are essential in my summer wardrobe because you can dress it up with panty hose and cute heels or dress it down with sandals, a straw hat and big glasses ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ali a.

    A Kaftan is definitely essential in anyone’s summer wardrobe since they are so cool and fluttery, and of course they’re definitely suitable to don up in the UAE summer season! Not to mention that Nina Jarebrink tunics are simply gorgeous!

  • Dana Salam

    You can never have too many kaftans , i feel like they are essential to any wardrobe. They can be worn for many places like the beach , day look over lunch or even for the evening by pairing it with killer pumps.


  • Maryam

    Because it is so versatile! Loved this dress since when I first saw it on you! GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • Pinky

    The kaftans are a great way to beat the heat during the summer season since their shapes are so lovely, airy and equally attractive. Kaftans make your summer more fun.

  • Tala

    Kaftans are a great meeting of comfort and versatility and are eternally stylish. Their light textures and various shapes makes them great in summer heat both in the day and at night, and they’ve been a summer staple for as long as i remember- these things never go out of style!

  • Esha A

    Kaftans are a summer essential for me because I spend my summers in Dubai, and hot is an understatement for that city! Also, I love flowy, easy to wear clothes. My wardrobe is full off oversized batwing button-downs that I can just throw on with leggings! So this kaftan is just perfect!

  • hadeel

    it’s essential because you are wearing one, second; you won the title of the fashion icon of the year by Grazia so that means whatEVER you wear is ESSENTIAL for my wardrobe…shall i continue!!!

  • http://- Mani

    A kaftan is essential because you can dress it up or down, it’s also perfect for summer because it lets your skin BREATHE which is so important during summer in Dubai! I also love that they’re so flowy because I love flowy tops/skirts/dresses, it can be worn as a dress without it being too revealing, which for me is great, or with tights.

  • Florine

    A kaftan is really a must-have . I find it easy to wear and really casual . It suits all the women of any sizes . It can become really chic with good accessories . I think its really good to shopping with this, going to the beach or even going to parties! If you associate it with luxurious jewelry, it can be perfect for events . Well, I really love all the Kaftans


    Florine D. Marioli

  • Sarah K

    They are THE perfect go-to when you want to look chic but not trying to hard. In the summer it can go from beach wear to night wear with help of the right shoes ๐Ÿ˜‰
    If I could I would live in kaftans!!

  • Alizeh

    Kaftans are perfect for any summer weather as they are light and easy to wear. I find that they suit almost every body type and age!

  • Michelle ali

    I love the fact that I don’t have to be conscious of my curves in kaftans. Especially in the summer when I want to wear something short and fun, kaftans are the perfect answer, a piece of clothing I feel comfortable in!

  • Sahar

    I think a kaftan is essential in my summer wardrobe because it is light and comfortable, which is perfect for the hot weather in Dubai and also because it can be worn in many ways … Over a bikini with cute sandals for a fabulous beach party or with sexy pumps and piece of statement jewelry for the evening!

  • Ks.

    I mean look at it! How can it now be essential? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • fatima salim

    No so much words i must write. Its only because i love it.

  • Veena

    I would love to win that kaftan, its so beautiful. Kaftan is an essential in my wardrobe because it light, loose and perfect on a hot summer day. Its stylish and very comfortable.

  • Roshni

    Simply because a kaftan is so effortless and flirty! You can either wear it during the day with cute sandals, huge sunglasses, statement jewelry (like a necklace), with your hair down OR at night with heels, big earrings, bangles, with your hair up ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to have one! Thank you for this opportunity Tala!

  • http://N/a Manal

    Kaftans are not only fit for the summer , as well as the spring ! I love how you can wear it comfortably without worrying about the parts of your body looking bad. Its suitable for Any body shape! Also, I love how you can match it with anything oversized, like a heavy,chunky beaded necklace, or with a high pined up hair with a flower piece or headband. High heels or flats would go perfectly with kaftans. They are sexy and compliments it perfectly! Having this kaftan in my wardrobe, gives me more reason to explore more accessories to go with it, and knowing that I can wear it in so many different looks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Farah Al Zadjaly

    Its perfect for this spring/summer, with a light fabric and hot weather it doesnt seem like anything matters. They look fun, fashionable and they are easy to wear. It can be dressed up or dressed down.


  • Mariam

    I favour kaftans because they are effortless, regal, and feminine all rolled into one. It’s so easy to throw on and off, which makes it all the more versatile to me when I am in a hurry or as a swimsuit cover-up. Lastly, whenever I wear a kaftan, there’s a connection to tradition and the mystical East, which is so alluring and appealing…and the piece of clothing translates that!

  • Jameleh

    Omg what a colour so hot kaftans are just amazing very essential I just lovewearing them with loads of bangles and beads with massive shades !! Just PERFECT !!

  • Sara

    I love kaftans because they make you feel relaxed yet stylish, it allows you to stroll about in the sun while still looking really stylish and elegant.

  • Muna

    a kaftan is so versatile! I wear it in so many different styles. over jeans, on the beach, as a short dress with a beautiful pair of heels, with a belt or a chunky necklace to dress it up! You look super cool in your blue kaftan.

    Muna Arzouni

  • Varsha

    Cause I need one for a party this week!!!:(

  • JB

    A kaftan is a versatile piece; it’s comfy, can be casual or can be dressed up and always looks amazing!

  • Saira P

    A kaftan lets you keep your cool without baring all, and you can wear it on the beach or with your jeans, or even bling it out with statement jewellery in the evening! Less time worrying about your outfit, more time enjoying the summer sun! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Peace and love,

  • Ruru

    They are fashionable,stylish and simple; usually they r not tight so thatโ€™s perfect for the summer and the hot weather.

  • Eman

    kaftan is the ideal piece for the summer and the small gathering with friends because it’s so versatile and stylish , you can wear it with tights, belt, high heels or flats with a big rounded hat when you go out… Perfect.

  • Hina Lokwani

    I love Kaftan dresses in summers as they’re not only comfy but stylish and trendy at the same time! Perfect for any girl needing comfort AND style! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Pb

    Kaftans are not essential however they add quirkiness and fun to a wardrobe.. They are the simplest yet most stylish thing to wear on a hot day or to relax with ur friends over a Friday lunch.. Depending on the style, u can dress it up.. And finally it still makes u look great despite Feeling self conscious of ur weight

  • Liesbeth (candyandtreats)

    Because it spices up a simple beach look! A neon bikini with a simple kaftan over it makes you the star of the beach, especially when it has a flattering cut ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Maryam

    Kaftans & browns are such a must for my fall closet. Can’t wait to rock both this coming autumn. Seriously love this top!!!!!!

  • Hana

    As a lover of sunshine and the beach, a kaftan is a summer essential. During the summer I tend to get a bit lazy :), and instead of having to put on something complicated, slipping on a kaftan is the perfect alternative. It could also go from day to night simply by adding wedges or a bit of jewelry, so I don’t even have to waste a minute of the precious summer time I have going back to the hotel to change. Plus, the bronze color would look perfect with the summer tan I tirelessly aim to achieve!

  • Reem

    It is essential for summer, the Kaftan is a light and easy way to feel covered, but not overdressed or clammy, while sitting on the beach, admiring your fine legs, like the strange roots of an unknown tree growing in the sand. The Kaftan is an excellent tool for when you are feeling bloated, not to mention the lovely feeling you experience when a rare gust of winds hits you, flinging your hair wildly around your face and causing your kaftan to stick to you like glue โ€“ without intending to sound dismally clichรฉ, it is a magic moment. Similar to something out of Arabian Nights! Reem x

  • Aisha

    Kaftans are essential for the summer because they are versatile. You can dress it up or down and still look fabulous. Also, although elegant and classic, it is subtly sexy.

  • Rana

    They are so essential for summer because they are light weight, airy, flowy, and look great at any time of the day!

  • melody

    i love the way a kaftan looks and the way it can be teamed up with numerous items like jeans,shorts,stockings,even a skirt for that matter and there is no limitation to accessorizing too!

  • Hind Matar

    A chic way to transition from beach(used as a cover up) to drinks on the patio. It’s also great alternative to a traditional shift dress & dress up with fabulous heels.!

  • Sara M.

    This kaftan is essential cause of its gorg. color, plus it can be mixed for not only the summer worn along with a bikini, but i can keep it for the winter and wear it like u did above

  • Sophia B

    Kaftans are such an easy way to feel comfy yet look chic in the summer months. An essential when running after 2 little boys in style ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hadil

    Cool thing about Kaftans is that they’re easy to dress up or dress down and are very wearable all year round. You can wear it as a cover-up to the beach in the summer, and when it gets chilly in the winter, you can pair it up with stockings and boots. The fact that they’re also very comfterbal is a HUGE plus!๎…

  • Hadil

    Cool thing about Kaftans is that theyโ€™re easy to dress up or dress down and are very wearable all year round. You can wear it as a cover-up to the beach in the summer, and when it gets chilly in the winter, you can pair it up with stockings and boots. The fact that theyโ€™re also very comfortable is a HUGE plus!๎…

  • Clare @ The Blossom Shed

    I adore kaftans in the summer – lounge around it one all day without feeling uncomfortable or too restricted, and no one can tell whether you ate a huge lunch or not:) Plus, I feel like Brigitte Bardot when I wear one barefoot with big sunnies!

  •!/profile.php?id=700839179 Elahe Sadeghi

    It’s light, breezy and stylish, Dubai summers essentials, Love the flowy design

  • Remie Lund

    Fabulous giveaway by a fabulous lady! A kaftan is a stunning staple piece that can take you effortlessly from beach to bar. Sumptious silk is essential for summer and perfect for instant glamour, night or day! x

  • Dana

    This lovely dress can be worn to many places such as parties,or on a dinner and even to the beach. This color is so trendy nowadays and specially for summer!
    Hope to win this electric blue dress xo

  • MEmneina

    Kaftans are essential because they automatically add that WOW factor. Nobody looks bad in one, they are flattering on everyone and they always come in cool and funky designs. They work for the day. They work for the night. And I’m a sun girl…… they’re a must x

  • Sarah Z

    One word – versatility. Kaftans can be dressed up or down and look equally food paired with flats and a bikini for a fab beach look or dressed up with heels for a sophisticated evening outfit. Plus it can be thrown in a case so is a holiday wardrobe essential!

  • Amina

    Kaftans are just so easy to throw on, & I’m in love with the cobalt blue, such a great pop of colour. I feel like most people think of kaftans as quite casual, but they can be dressed up with a belt and suede pumps. xxx Amina

  •!/InsiyaE Insiya

    I love Kaftans! They are comfortable and loose without losing the stylish edge. Can be easily styled in so many different ways; as a dress, with colorful stockings, as a cover up for bikini, wear with leggings etc. The best part is how I can wear kaftans without feeling slightest bit weight conscious.

  • feruza

    because this kaftan is perfect for everything beach, dinner , shopping u just have to know how to style it and ye it has perfect color for this summer

  • Tracy Dyson

    Kaftans are so versatile, from breakfast wear, to beachwear, to evening wear, just with a few different accessories can give the most amazing looks x

  • Saffy

    Light, beautiful colours, different ranges from high street & luxury designers!
    They go with everything and anything, All over the world for any age… AND I HAVE STYLE SO I ALWAYS PULL IT OFF ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nash

    OOo! I love love looovvveeee Kaftans! Why? They are flowy and always super stylish. I live in Dubai, so the fact that they are airy means I can stay happy, cool and VENTILATED! hehe! A summer essential!


  • http://deleted Natalee

    perfect for summer

  • http://deleted Oralie

    neeeeed this

  • http://deleted rachel

    do they make it in neon?

  • http://deleted wah wah


  • http://deleted reem

    adore caftans

  • http://deleted rena

    yes pls

  • http://deleted Oncal

    pick me!!

  • http://deleted Draga Queen


  • http://deleted Elise

    when will you choose a winner?

  • http://deleted neyla

    i live in my kaftans

  • http://deleted tammi

    sometimes wear them

  • http://deleted Katey

    so easy to wear

  • http://deleted Lady in black

    heritage reason

  • http://deleted Charlotte

    love Nina Jaberink

  • http://deleted Warda

    plssssssss pick me for once

  • http://deleted Romana


  • Sabita Ramachandran

    I love Kaftans, they are so comfortable, keeping the body aired and cool on a hot sunny day. They are also versatile, can be worn as a dress or a tunic with leggings or skinny jeans. They are also very flattering to pretty much any body type. In addition I love Scandanavian designers,they always surprise you!

  • Noor

    Kaftans are essential because they are so versatile, yet stylish. You can wear it in the day, night, dress it up, or down. They also have a breezy feel to them. x

  • Florine Marioli

    I’m soooooo happy! I absolutely cannot wait to receive it! Thanks Tala

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