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April 8


I recently discovered – which is a line of mineral make up – that includes powder, liquid and cream foundations. The coverage is absolutely spectacular (The make up brand is used intensively in the Film industry – where coverage is even more important than shoots.) It is also quite light and gives a dewy finish (oh, and you can also sleep in it!) The brand is also known to be great for all skin types. I’m not usually a fan of cream foundations (I prefer liquids and at times, powder) but their cream is great!

The great news is… I’m picking TEN of the best answers to the following question and those TEN will winners will each win a cream foundation, which costs £36 and is sold at Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser.

Answer the following question in the comment box below…


Good luck!

  • Joana

    Beauty comes from within. therefore, i try to be as happy as i can and i try to smile all the time, But also i never leave my house without my eyebrows pencil and YSL Mascara.

  • https://.com/ AbSa

    Being true to yourself, and confident in your own skin. I think it’s more of an essence, a personality.Beauty in a physical and mental sense, is what pleases the eye

  • hadeel

    i can say it’s chic but not too serious, girly but not silly, simple but not boring, unexpected but in a good way, it can shine some days when am doing sth i love, and i miss it when am too busy looking after my little ones and forgetting that i do exists. it’s mine…

  • Nilou

    I define my individual beauty as being comfortable in what you wear- whether it’s clothes or makeup. You need not cake on makeup to look ‘pretty’ and you need not dress up scantily to look ‘hot’. Individual beauty is something *unique* that’s why it is different for each person. To be able to project your sense of style through your clothing and the glow through your makeup (whether it’s day time makeup or evening)- that’s what individual beauty for me is. It is unique to me and reflects my own perspective on beauty and style.

  • Alicia S

    Individual beauty is defined by a beautiful soul. So much prettier than just beauty to the eye… It starts inside.

  • Lycia Pricia

    Beauty is something i gain for, not something i born with. So, it isn’t all about appearance, but also attitude and aptitude. Therefore, continuous efforts and perseverance are needed.

  • Sanchari

    Being a woman in itself makes me feel beautiful indidually,and makes all the women all over the world individually beautiful in their own unique way.Women are and is the most beautiful creation of cheers to womanhood and beauty.

  • Yulia

    I feel a little pretentious answering these kinds of questions, but I guess my individual beauty comes from simply being myself. My personality and character reflects itself in the way I talk, dress, communicate with others, etc.

  • melody

    We are often taught that beauty comes from within.I relate individual beauty to the actions you do,sometimes just a mere smile can make someone else’s day,other ways are your ability to show compassion,courtesy,lend a helping hand to those in need!At the end of the day these small things make you feel good about yourself.Try it out!:)

  • Esha A

    Individual beauty is a a mixture of personality and charm. If you’ve got an ugly personality, it makes you ugly no matter how gorgeous your face! As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – what’s beautiful to one, may not be to another!

  • http://http// Mehwish

    My individual beauty is defined by my confidence, the people I surround myself, and the way I let my inner beauty shine through. The way I feel about myself is going show no matter where I am in life. When my confidence is high I feel the most beautiful, like nothing can stop me. The friends and family I surround myself with have a way of pulling my beauty out into the open. My smile, laugh, and the twinkle in my eye is always out when I’m in good company. My inner beauty is what makes me special, the things about myself that are unique. The way I might interpret a song, cry over a part in a movie, or the way a view something in the world. These things let my individual beauty come to light.

  • Nouf

    Highlight the favorite features of my face region

  • Renske

    My individual beauty is defined by my confidence, the people I surround myself and the way I let my inner beauty shine through. The way I feel about myself is going show no matter where I am in life. When my confidence is high I feel the most beautiful. Yes makeup and cute clothing will also make me feel good on the outside, but it counts when you really feel good inside.

  • JB

    I believe beauty is not just what appears on the outside. Yeah, that is the first thing people notice, but the meaning of beauty is much more than that.

    As the saying goes, beauty comes from within.

    Personally, I believe beauty is a mixture of confidence, happiness, grooming, personality, smiling (having a positive perspective on life) and most importantly it’s extremely important for a person to love themselves in order to feel beautiful.

  • http://http// Robina

    I feel as though my own individual beauty comes from within. A radiant, glowing force that over shadows any of my physical flaws. A friendly smile, open and accepting attitude and inquisitive eye has taken me so far in life. I find that others are attracted to those qualities. Being a beautiful, confident and loving person on the inside makes me beautiful.

  • Pinky

    Being true to yourself, and confident in your own skin. One could have a uni-brow, a big nose, and only one front tooth, but if they carried themselves well and didn’t let their appearance own them, I would find that beautiful. I don’t really think of beauty as in appearance, I think it’s more of an essence, a personality.

  • Pinki

    Being what you are rather than what u want to be, is defined as beauty. Beauty is You, reflected each time you take a look at the mirror.

  • Laurie

    I just try to love those around me as much as I can.
    Hugs and kisses will hopefully erase my imperfections.

  • http://http// Benish Adil

    According to me all of us are beautiful regardless of our age , our looks , our apperance as all of this doesnt matter if we are beautiful from inside!!!
    I will describe my individual beauty as my Strength… Its what I feel what I do , What I say and with what people am surrounded that makes me Beautiful … I live life to the fullest and enjoy each and every moment of it and thats what reflects on my face …. I feel that if One day of mine is spent feeling Gloomy or sad then I might not be the same so everyday I always make sure to start my day with a big smile and stay positive all the time … I try to always do that small deeds of kindness that help others somehow and that adds radiance to my beauty … I always try to say good things about other and try always not to hurt others by saying something bad as words once said cannot be taken back and thats what really adds up to my beauty …… And last but not the least am blessed to have my friends around who always help me in times of need and is always there to share my happiness and sadness with me and because of them my life is Beautiful and especially they make me feel beautiful …….

  • Umaira

    My individual beauty comes from happiness. I think happiness is the primer, foundation and touch up all in one which makes it God’s signature and it should come from within which reminds me of a quote from Sophia Loren, a woman who truly had both inner and outer beauty:

    “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical”

  • amena

    my individual beauty comes from my ability to be very charming, happy and content at all times!i also believe that a perfect canvas is not charming,it has no character! so even if i have the odd spot or two on my skin i feel it gives some dimension to my face and i embrace it!!!so i celebrate what has been given to me and when i respect it ,i believe i look the best!!!radiant and confident!!!

  • Farah

    Beauty is vast and can’t be defined in any one way. Inner beauty shows on your outer self so I would say beauty is being kind, confident yet humble and smiling – always.

  • Reem

    I define beauty on what is inside the person. I know that some people judge beauty on how they look on the outside, but I define my individual beauty as being a nice, understanding and warm person. To me, if the person cares about the feelings of others and is willing to lend a helping hand, that is a beautiful person.Also To me, a beautiful person is kind and sincere. A person who believes in thinking before talking, who believes in treating others on how they want to be treated. To me, true beauty is not about how a person looks; but how they carry themselves. To me, a beautiful person has morals, and think of others and care about other people. A person who believes in trying to rise above rough times. A person who prefers to be an original ( in a good way) instead of concerning themselves with being in with the in-crowd all the time. A person who treats people they can’t stand in the with respect. Beauty, is what you want it to be. Beauty fades over time, a personality doesn’t.

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

    • Reem

      *can’t stand with respect

      • lyka

        individual beauty is smile. when you smile the whole world smiles with you.

  • Mai

    There is no such thing as “Individual Beauty”.. Beauty itself is Individual.. When we label it as “Individual Beauty” we ruin the definition of Beauty itself by breaking it down into categories..

    Beauty is Beauty.. It’s the good along with the flaws.. I am beautiful because I am who I am.. I am beautiful because I’m a human being.. And God makes no mistakes..


  • Tasneem

    Beauty is not in the face. Its alight in the heart. Beauty captures your attention. Your personally captures the heart. Having a loving family, let’s your beauty sine through…..

  • Tahreer

    I define my individual beauty through a lot of things and these thing are what makes my indiviual beauty ‘radiant’. For one a mixture of milk and honey comes in handy to give me that clean and radiant, glowing skin. Another thing that makes me radiant is sharing my heart, and connecting with people to let them be who they are. What makes me radiant is smiling at total strangers.
    What makes me radiant can simply be a big cup of frappuccino with lots of foam and a pretzel on a rainy morning or a sunny afternoon. And turning the A/C in my car to blow warm air on my feet when I wear flip flops in the summer heat. Singing in traffic. Being with my kids. Walking on the beach. Watching people. Writing a story. Taking pictures. Having conversations. Being with friends. Cooking a meal. Laughing loud. Crying hard. Living and loving Life. In other words, radiant joy is what makes my individiaul beauty – the “me” inside – radiant all over =)

  • Marwa

    My individual beauty will be shown when realizing my strength points, maximize using them to reflect my inner beauty. When knowing what is best for me and what is not and trying to build my own personality without imitating any one. When believing in who I am and having great faith in the beauty that Allah gave me since he chooses the best for me always.

    Thanks Tala for this BEAUTIFUL Question 🙂

  • Iffath

    My individual beauty is defined by confidence and purity. I honestly feel that these two characteristics define individual beauty. I strive to achieve these in my daily life. Why?

    Because confidence is what a girl needs to get through life, to fulfill her dreams, and aspirations. Confidence provides the drive and motivation you need for your goals. If nothing else, confidence shines through and makes you radiant! … and THAT is something that will get you noticed more than makeup!

    Purity helps me to continuously try to better myself. In whichever way that may be – i.e. trying to give back, trying to forgive, ALWAYS being honest, grateful, and having the sincerest of intentions. Purity is definitely beautiful, inside and out.

    Thank you!


  • http://http// Mehwish Khan

    Well my Individual beauty can be defined as Little things of my life that I enjoy the most …… I really dont appreciate those people who believes in outer beauty and Appearance of a person as beauty comes fromn within and a person with a Pure heart and Soul is always Beautiful regardless of how he looks from outside …. I feel relly Beautiful from Inside out when I see my children happy , When my hubby appreciates my cooking and whisper those sweet words of appreciation in my ear, When I meet my sister after a long time as shes doing medical studies and is most of the away from home, When I hang out with my besties for Shopping , Life is all about these small things and If we learn to appreciate them and if we will be Thankful to God for whatever He has blessed us with we will always feel happy and beautiful from inside out!!!

  • Naz

    Beauty is waking up in the morning and being content with yourself without the aid of like a Mac lipstick smeared all over your lips (I swear, I have an unhealthy obsession with lipsticks, haha). In other words beauty is not just being aesthetically pleasing.
    In all seriousness, I believe, beauty is the way you carry yourself from day to day; how you face your trials and tribulations. I believe we should always do it with a smile 🙂 Beauty is being in harmony with your inner self and the exterior. And finally, beauty is seeing the good in everything. I could go on, but I will leave it at that 🙂

  • Marwa

    ” Beauty is not in your face, it is the beam of light in your heart” Khalil Gibran
    I really do like this definition 🙂

  • Liesbeth (candyandtreats)

    My individual beauty lies in my eyes. I think they always reflect how I feel. A down day doesn’t necessarily mean an ugly day. A happy day doesn’t necessarily mean a pretty day. Emotions that shine through in my eyes make me all the more pretty, apart from make up! <3

  • Dunia دنیا ☪ (@DeenOverDunia)

    For me, my individual beauty is defined by my actions, my character. It’s the way I treat people and the way I carry myself. In my eyes, if I always keep my heart clean, every physical part of me will exude nothing but alluring beauty. 🙂

  • Ks.

    In a smile. It’s a cliche, I know, but it’s true. I don’t have perfect skin, I don’t have the prettiest face, but that’s OK, because when I smile, from the bottom of my soul, I know I am pretty… 🙂

  • Asma

    Individual beauty is a pure beauty that all of us have.
    Some trade away that purity for something else,
    some enhance this individual beauty with their virtues (and mascara)

    Everybody has it and you need eyes to see it in everybody!

  • Fashionistainheels


    I define beauty as being comfortable in your skin. Focusing on your strong features, rather than bringing yourself down. Acknowledging that you are beautiful inside out, and how you see yourself will effect how others sees you. In the end of the day, we are all beautiful on our own unique way.

  • Katie Chutzpah

    Always fully cleansed, ivory faced and with scarlet red lips.

  • Duaa

    i’d say a natural sort of dewy glow, bushy eyebrows, with rosy pinched cheeks, and baby pink stained lips! 😀
    Thanks xxxx

  • Mary Monroe

    My individual beauty is defined from within. I believe that having a respectful personality and pleasing character, beauty is bound to attract others. Beauty is artistic and diverse in many ways which is why I adore the concept of beauty. Makeup exhumes beauty in a magical way, but I do believe ultimately if one lacks beauty from within.. outer beauty is just there rather than truly existing in capturing the essence of BEAUTY. 🙂

  • http://deleted Esther

    beauty is within

  • http://deleted Oralie

    i want to beautiful =(

  • http://deleted pepper

    beauty is looking nice everyday

  • http://deleted Axina

    not sure babe

  • http://deleted sugar pop

    waking up pretty

  • http://deleted Honey

    beauty means many things, I cant list all……

  • http://deleted Walter

    physical beauty is only half of the picture. It’s the first that we see and the one we base our first impression on

  • http://deleted Suzannah

    what is beauty?

  • http://deleted Tanya


  • http://deleted eve

    attractiveness and sexiness

  • http://deleted Amy

    I want to win this

  • http://deleted Serene

    Beauty really is the eye of the beholder

  • http://deleted Alene

    Can beauty be defined by age, gender, color, body shape or size?

  • http://deleted Dara

    beauty is plastic surgery in lebanon lol

  • http://deleted Victoria

    Physical beauty will fade over time, but true beauty (virtue) is timeless.

  • http://deleted Court

    check out the dove campaign – interesting!

  • http://deleted Bella

    it is my name 🙂

  • http://deleted Connie

    As our culture rapidly changes, our definition of this ideal becomes even more elusive.

  • http://deleted xyna


  • Shelley Jessup

    Beauty is defined by what people see but should be by want people feel. For example a humpback whale isn’t exactly pretty to look at but they are have really strong bonds and feelings towards other whales. It’s time we ourselves decide what is beauty to our eyes.

  • Mais B.

    My individual beauty is defined primarily by being myself. One of the most daunting tasks for a human in my opinion is knowing himself, and then even more difficult is preserving himself or simply not loosing himself, in the pursuit. We live in a world where we are confined either by perceptions, notions, and contemplations that confine who we really are from the inside which in turn would affect how we look on the outside.

    What I truly believe would make a person beautiful is to wake up free from these inhibitions that confine us. We are as beautiful as how WE see ourselves, and not how other might perceive us. We are all different, and we are all unique in our own way – and that’s what I believe is true individual beauty. The strength in believing in yourself and confidence in embracing our eccentricity is the true power needed to have not only a beautiful physical appearance but also a beautiful and confident soul =)

  • antonia lobo

    Beauty is defined by both the inside and outside, mine is my honesty and caring nature that radiates on my face and day to day interaction with people.It is unique , and reflects good health,I take care of my skin with regular routines to keep it looking fresh and radiant.

  • zina

    The only way to be TRUELY beautiful is being your confident self . What makes you beautiful from the outside is all from the inside .

  • zina

    Being my natural confident self, no more than that .

  • Sarah K

    To me its really important to find what works for you and stick with it. Although there are always a lot of new make up trends, if it doesn’t suit your style & skin tone etc I would say to stick with what you know looks good on you!
    Also, being comfortable in your skin is the most important thing (your face is your passport) so you want to portray the best side of you – from inside and out. Its one thing to have the most expensive face products and flawless skin but what truly defines beauty is the personality that people are going to remember.
    Thanks for another great giveaway Tala! 🙂

  • Marwa

    Today I read this difinition on @fishfayce account, and I like it:
    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” -Proverb

  • Deena

    Its every woman’s own style… for me, its simple and serene, exactly like my personality. The individual beauty shines out your personality. Its your attitude

  •!/InsiyaE Insiya

    Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. For me, I have realized that I hold the power of being the beholder leading me to look in places where no one has bothered to look, including inside myself. Beauty is seen through my confidence, humbleness & sincerity. This is been naturally reflected and passed on to all those near & dear to me.

  • Saira P

    For me, my individual beauty is about feeling good on the inside. The best way to do this is staying true to yourself, following your heart and being kind to others. Enjoy each day and work with what nature has blessed you with! I am not afraid of wrinkles, I am going to age gracefully and, God willing, still be as beautiful at 89 as I am at 29! 🙂
    Peace and Love
    Saira x

  • feruza

    beauty for me is something that u cant explain its everywhere . but most important it has to be in your heart 🙂

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