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March 18

New feature = ‘Opinion Box’.
I’ll be bringing up a controversial subject & would be interesting reading diverse people’s thoughts.

The first subject is on :

REAL FUR USED IN FASHION – glamorous & chic, neutral, hate it?
share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Photo: petergehrke

  • Mina

    love it!!!
    although there are alot of really nice Faux fur pieces out there. But nothing beats real fur!
    its a matter of opinion and opinions dont often agree together!

  • ali charles

    i would have to go with real fur because i personally own both and i have to say that No faux fur can compete with the feel of the real fur it's trying to imitate. Not to mention real fur is so much warmer, more comfortable, AND biodegradable.

    Lets hope PETA doesn't hear about this LOL.

    i honestly think that PETA people should all get arrested because it seems like they care more about animals than humans , they state that if you don't hurt an animal they wont hurt you which is completely false if you stare at a snake there is at least a 95% possibility that it will attack and bite you so overall i think that they should get a life and leave Anna wintour alone , i mean the only reason Lindsay lohan joined PETA was not because of publicity it was because she didn't want a cake to be thrown at her again while wearing an expensive dress and a fur coat.

  • Rachel Reay

    Its a personal preference. I understand both side of the argument and neither should be forced on the other.
    My own preference is that I appreciate it when it is done tastefully in clothing.
    Just no endangered species…I don't condone it.
    If there is not already then I think that there should be some standard that manufacturers and fashion houses should have to go through to make sure that fur is coming from a 'sustainable source' for lack of a better term.
    Just my two cents on the topic

  • Anonymous

    Agreed PETA people are crazy and they should be arrested and about real fur I totally love it, nothing beats real fur.It looks so amazing and glamrous and not only that it feels great too.
    What's your take on this issue Tala ??

  • Leslie

    PETA disgust me!!
    great feature Tala!

  • Anonymous

    Real fur all the way, the quality and the texture compared to faux fur is like comparing a Chanel bag, to a H&M one with the same chain like strap. So that's a no from me.

  • Anonymous

    Wow I cant believe i'm reading some of these comments. Just shows how far fashion actually drives people, to skinning animals basically. I feel that's pretty sad that people pay millions of dollars to put on a skinned animal around their back just to look sexy and gain some sort of reputation. Fashion isn't about having all the money in the world and spending it on designer things and FUR, it's about coming out of stores like forever 21 and looking like a million bucks! People who are for the skinning of poor animals just to look good should be ashamed of themselves, how would you feel if someone did that to you… you know, just cause your quality is amazing?

  • Anonymous

    "Fur is glamorous, so stylish" Can people listen to themselves? You're paying money to kill an animal and wear it on your back, having unique and expensive clothes doesn't make you have great taste in fashion just because you wear what everyones wearing in the magazines. It's about doing your OWN thing. If you support the killing of poor animals just to wear them for a season, go ahead. That's just not my style.

  • Karishma

    Neutral 🙂
    I think people against real fur only have the right to be against it if they're vegetarian…
    Fur has also been one of the oldest forms of clothing, so its usage in fashion is not just about the fur being unique and expensive (it's been around for ages…).

    Your blog is so entertaining Tala! Loving it x


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