what colour is your bra?

January 31

What was up with that Bra craze on facebook/blackberry messenger that happened recently? I will admit, I did join in on the fun…
Turns out the game was started by what a great way to raise awareness.

Oh well, this leads to a bra post! Here are a few of my favorites… Would love to hear on your favorite bra brands/colors in the comments below!

1. Calvin Klein
2. Mimi Holiday by Damaris
3. Kiki de mont parnasse
4. Stella McCartney

  • Morgan

    lol…i joined in on that "what color is your bra" craze too! I never knew what it was for tho. I'm glad it was for a good cause*

    i love your blog by the way

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  • Hamda Issa-Salwe

    Mimi Holiday are awesome, I love their stuff on Net a Porter.