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The most stylish 6 year old, Alisha

January 9

I have a thing for stylish people.

I love them. 

But who ever thought a 6 year old would be considered stylish… I guess it’s the face of the new generation with Suri Cruise as their leader…

My best friend’s sister Alisha has one of the most amazing wardrobes, everything she has is stylish… and can you believe she’s only 6?

So, I thought – what better way to spend the afternoon than to come over, play around with her clothes and style her with different looks. Those are the looks we came up with.. how adorable does she look? LOVE her.
  • Anonymous

    Wow ! Truly impressive. And I love what you said about the Suri Cruise generation.
    I love the silver stuff around you, where were the pictures taken ?
    One more thing – Can you please do a post about high street stores carrying the best sharp shoulder tops and jackets ?

  • Tala Elle Samman


    The pictures were taken in Alisha's house. The silver walls were shot in her sister's amazing room

    and yes, I'll work on the high street shoulders

    Tala x

  • Anonymous

    Love all the looks, especially the last one! and I love what you're wearing tala, where are your booties from? x

  • ♥Aubrey

    These are great outfits she's wearing. A true fashionista in the making 🙂 Watch out Suri. Lol

  • Tala Elle Samman

    My booties are from office, London


  • Annachiara

    wow!!!!LOOOOVE these pictures!!!! i LOOOOVE her!!! is a little style icon!!! 😀 OMG!!!

  • claire

    i love the stripe shirt! where you buy it? sorry my english is not to good 😉

  • shiza

    omg she is toooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Where is she from? She is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I love her outfits, all so different and all so fun!

  • MissKimmy

    omgoshhhhhhhh adorable!!!!!!!!! one of the many reasons i want to have a little girl one day <3 so sweet

    XO Kimmy

  • Anonymous

    LOVE her outfits! she is adorable

  • Anonymous

    Awww so much fun doing this! Amazing pictures for Alisha to look back at when she's older (inshallah) – Sasha Maqsood x

    P.S. I am liking the styling posts. You need to do more.

  • Morgan

    OMG she's adorable!
    Young fashionista~

    check me out at

  • Fashion & DIY

    She's so cute!! love the cloths!!

  • Fashion & DIY

    She's so cute!! love the cloths!!

  • Manal

    OMG!!i just luv all yr poses,dresses and U! U r sooo cute I don’t think u know me but I’m manal rida tiwanas friend and I came to yr house before so u must know me

  • Rida

    cute Alish! (shes my bff) lol… but u look gorgeous! love ya sweet heart

    love Rida xxx


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