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Wish List - YSL sculpted heels

December 30
YSL sure do know how to make an ‘it’ heel… and the comfiest heels.

The tribute pumps, tribute boots, tribute sandals. 

I am loving their new ones, YSL sculpted heels, and I suggest you start your hunt now, those babies are flying off shelves!

  • iñaki

    I absolutely love those!!! Lilly Allen wore them and I almost died right there.
    How cool is it that we both posted about shoes today? xx

  • Tala Elle Samman

    I know. dieng for those

    hope you have an amazing new year! x

  • The Oniomaniac

    Hi!! YSL is still on sale right now I believe, but the black one sold out fast. 🙁

    Enjoy New Year's!

  • Tala Elle Samman

    happy new year to you too! x


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